Autonomous Carts
The Future Is Here

Autonomous Carts for Distribution Centers

Do your warehouse workers walk several miles everyday pushing carts to pick orders or putaway inventory?

If yes, then it is time to rock your business with ACDCTM.

Autonomous Carts for Distribution Centers (ACDCTM) are battery powered carts designed to operate safely within warehouses and factories using sophisticated robotics technologies. With ACDCTM your warehouse workers spend less time walking and pushing, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and reducing pick-pack-ship cycle time.

ACDCTM can be used as shuttles to carry loads between predefined locations in your DC or can be integrated with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for intelligent automation of picking and putaway operations. For example, multiple multi-line e-commerce orders can be picked together in real-time instead of waving and sorting later. This improves order fulfillment accuracy and reduces delivery time, which means happier customers!

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